Adelaide Sculpsure and Body Contouring


Gurleen Kaur - Sculpsure Consultant


Hi, I’m Gurleen, an Enrolled Nurse with more than 2 years of nursing experience. I am a passionate, caring and driven individual. At our Clinic we offer wide range of treatments to give you the body and skin appearance you’ve always wanted.I have completed all training and necessary courses interstate and still continue to learn so we can provide our client with the best possible results.

We work within a multidisciplinary team including Allied health professionals; Doctors, Dieticians, Diabetes Educator, Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist and Podiatrist. We are located at Prospect Medical Centre and work throughout a 7 day week roster. We are passionate and want to see you love your body and see results in the same way we do! If you wants to see the results in a matter of only 4-6 weeks. we can assure to provide you with our best skills and the latest technology. Our Clinic Dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality treatment, quality treatment in an efficient and caring environment, focused on meeting the needs of our patients.

Gurleen Kaur

SculpSure Consultant