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Mesotherapy is a medical technique of direct administration of active drugs or nutrients into the target tissues where they are needed, by means of intra-dermic micro-injections.

"Mesos" = "middle" Refers to the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin.
"Therapeia" = to treat medically.

The cognitive tissues of the body, primarily the collagen, ligaments, tendons and muscle, are derived from the mesoderm. The mesoderm also involves adipose tissue. These are the target tissues for various Mesotherapy indications.

Mesotherapy is a cost-effective and award-winning skin revitaliser that makes the skin more luminous, hydrates and tones it. Therefore, its purpose is different than that of injectable fillers. The light filling technique is specifically designed to correct fine lines, dull complexion and rehydrate the skin on your face, décolletage, and hands.

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Mesotherapy treats:

  • Remove fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face
  • Smooth wrinkles and lines
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Recontour the body
  • Lighten pigmented skin
  • Treat alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss
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Price List

Consultation - required prior to commencing Mesotherapy service Free
Mesotherapy with Skin Booster Injector $650
Per body area (add-on) $300


The results may be instantly noticed after the first treatment. The skin will have a better color, will be visibly smoother, and hydrated. Gradually, the skin skin will become firmer and the complexion more radiant from one treatment to the next.

The needles used for the micro-injections are very fine and short. However, to avoid any discomfort during the treatment, the product contains lidocaine, which acts as a local anaesthetic. Moreover, anaesthetising cream may be applied before the treatment for an even greater comfort.

The effects of hyaluronic acid are temporary due to the fact that it is a molecule that is naturally degraded by the body. There are several factors that influence how long the effects will last: age, skin type, injection site, injection technique, etc. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to undergo 3 mesotherapy sessions and continue having sessions 2-3 times a year for maintenance.

Micro-injections of hyaluronic acid nutrients will be distributed and evenly spread using a fine needle over the surface of the treated area.

You may feel a slight discomfort and small spots of irritation may appear at the site of injection. However, these side effects usually disappear within few hours after the treatment.