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Hi, I'm Gurleen,

As a dedicated Registered Nurse with over five years of experience in the cosmetic industry, my passion, compassion, and determination drive me to provide exceptional care.

With a wide range of treatments aimed at helping you achieve the body and skin appearance you've always desired, our clinic ensures the best possible results by completing extensive training and ongoing education.

Operating at Prospect & Berri Medical Centre alongside a multidisciplinary team that includes Doctors, Dieticians, Diabetes Educators, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists, we are equipped to address your needs comprehensively.

To accommodate your needs, we operate on a 7-day week roster. Our ultimate goal is to help you love your body and witness significant results. With noticeable improvements in just 4-6 weeks, we guarantee to utilise our expertise and the latest technology for the outcomes you desire.

Committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality treatment in a compassionate and efficient environment, our clinic prioritises the needs of our patients.